naming things across languages pisses me off so much like in mexico the miami heat is still called “miami heat” which means absolutely nothing in spanish like why the fuck don’t they call it “miami calor” because that actually would make sense

first world problems:

we’ve all got that one friend on facebook who posts things like “why do i try” or “i am so done” constantly

but all of us are too awkward to post anything like “good because i’m tired of hearing you bitch about vague scenarios and expecting me to sympathize with you”



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TitleSweet Dreams (Are Made of This)


me at social events

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  • Engineer: We detected nothing!
  • Astrada: But this man did.
  • Engineer: Well, he's mistaken.
  • Doctor: Well, to be fair I had a couple of gadgets which he probably didn't, like a teaspoon and an open mind.


Amy Pond on Apalapuchia in The Girl Who Waited - series 06 - 2011

Missy in ‘Heaven’ in Deep Breath - series 08 - 2014

I’ll just leave this here.

welcome to the bbc. we have twelve actors, three writers, ten props, and  two buldings, one for filming in and one for jumping off

enjoy your stay
and one courtyard, apparently

Science side of Tumblr


Please tell me how to convert fahrenheit to celsius.

explain to the fahrenheits the selfless works of the great lord kelvin who died for them, and show them the true path of thermodynamics and they shall see the error in their ways and convert to celsius, the true faith

  • Doctor: It stands to reason.
  • Romana: [derisively] "It stands to reason."
  • Doctor: Yes. It stands to reason. Stupid expression, "stands to reason."
  • Doctor: Why didn't it lie down to reason? Much easier to reason lying down. Relaxes the cerebellum.

whoever invented planking must have been really board

windows on my laptop died a week ago and instead of fixing it i’ve just been running linux from a flash drive and this scenario is a frighteningly accurate depiction of how i solve problems in my life